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Metal Trims and Transitional Pieces
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When installing a floor, you need transition trim from room to room or even surface to surface. There are a variety of options and styles you can choose for your project.

Schluter strip or Schluter trim pieces are designed to go from surface to surface. This metal tile trim is a great system that gives the project a finished look. These metal tile trim pieces are perfect for tub or shower edges, and even stairs. A Schluter strip can also be used to finish the edges of a floor. The Schluter tile edging system allows a clean and modern look and comes in a variety of colors and sizes and widths. They protect the tile from chipping and lessen the need for caulk.

When you are installing a tile floor or shower or even a backsplash you will need tile trim. This tile edging or tile edge trim allows you to have a finished look as it curves seamlessly into the wall. For a floor, you will want tile transition pieces that will go from room to room or serve as a transition between a tile floor and a different type of flooring such as wood. This transition trim allows the rooms to flow nicely into one another. There are a ton of different tile transition pieces to choose from for your project. You can pick tile transition pieces in a coordinating or contrasting color, with or without pattern, and in a variety of sizes.

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