Stone: Frequently Asked Questions


01. What does the grade mean on stone tiles?

Our grading standard is meant to differentiate the selection and pricing of a naturally varying product. The grades are based on:

  • Density
  • Amount of fill
  • Color variation or pureness of color
  • Amount of veining

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02. Why doesn’t the tile in the display look like the tiles in the crate?

Stone is a product of nature and therefore has unique qualities such as natural shade variation and veining that distinguish it from man-made materials. Since it is a natural material, its appearance could change in time. Therefore the displayed material might vary from the selection in the crate.
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03. Will a stone floor last?

Natural stone is ideal for areas with a lot of foot traffic; it’s been used as a flooring material for centuries all over the world. These floors have literally withstood the test of time. The National Association of Home Builders expects natural stone to last approximately 100 years with proper maintenance.
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04. Is there something special I should know about installing Stone?

Installing stone is essentially the same as installing ceramic or porcelain tile. There are installation materials that are recommended such as mortar that is made to specifically bond to stone. We highly recommend pre-sealing the stone prior to grouting; this will aid in the grout quickly releasing from the surface of the stone, limiting the likelihood of grout haze!
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